Pixart Studio Provide

Wedding & Pre-Wedding Photography

We are outstanding amongst other Wedding Photographers Occasions, for example, weddings are about customs and ceremonies, about earth-shattering minutes, about voyages of disclosure, and about new connections.

Maternity Photography

Here, we are exhibiting all the maternity photography work had the option to do with anticipating mums. You’ll discover heaps of pictures in the display and for the individuals who are keen on how the session functions or need to think about our bundles.

Commercial Photography

In the event of a huge corporate event shoot, we give all offices, for example, Live LED broadcast of event/Live youtube broadcast/Conference shoot. We have a major group to cover the whole event with photographers/ videographers/ ramble administrators and so on.

Product Photography

The perceived value of your product and trustworthiness is based on the quality of visual presentation. The product photography is used for product catalogues and brochures, the product image is also being used in advertising.

Fashion Photography

The fashion business is moving at fast space. The fashion business in India is additionally about fashion photography, design making, embellishment planning, make-up craftsmen, to give some examples.

Ring Ceremony Photography

In most families, the sagai ceremony is clubbed with the engagement itself. Professional photographer captures all the instant of ring ceremony. sagai, the bride is given jewelry, clothes, makeup kit and baby toys, by the mother of the groom on this day.

Cinematography & Film Making

One of the most important parts of an Indian wedding is the cinematography. A cinematographer's job is quite difficult as he has to manage all the heavy equipment along with the technically superior tools. He has to have knowledge of what he is doing and how it is to be done.